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The environmentally friendly ultrasonic technology offers versatile application possibilities

SONOTRONIC develops and produces ultrasonic machines, systems and components for all plastic processing industries, the packaging industry, the food industry, for the textile industry and the environmental sector.


  • Automotive engineering
  • White goods
  • Electronics
  • Office supplies
  • Medical
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys

Packaging & Food

  • Tubular bags
  • Blisters, trays, cups
  • Pouches
  • Cartons
  • Tubes
  • Food cut


  • Interior
  • Exterior

Technical Textiles

  • Fabric
  • Nonwoven
  • Filtration
  • Textile & Apparel


  • Biogas plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industry


Plastics: Plastics processing with ultrasonic

Environmentally friendly and energy saving

Ultrasonic is a future-oriented technology in all areas that sets standards in terms of sustainability. Processing plastics with ultrasonic not only has advantages in the process, but is also significantly more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to processing with other thermal processes - in other words, GREEN SONICS throughout.

  • Low energy consumption compared to other thermal processes
    • 1/4 of the electrical energy requirement, i.e. 75 percent less CO₂ pollution.
  • Very short process times
  • Energy supply not continuous, but only during welding time
  • Cold tools
    • No machine warm-up times
    • No combustion residues of the plastic or the packaged goods on the ultrasonic tools
    • No environmental or personal pollution due to harmful gases from burnt plastics


SONOTRONIC Ihr Spezialist für das Verbinden von Spritzguss- und extrudierten Kunststoffteilen.


Packaging & Food: Packaging technology with ultrasonic

Resource-saving processes

In packaging technology, the GREEN SONICS advantages are particularly effective. In addition to the energy savings during the manufacturing process with ultrasonic, this can be further optimized through reduction of the required packaging materials and less faulty production.

  • Significantly lower production errors
    • No thermal influence on the product
    • Consistently high quality of the seams without influencing the barrier layers of the films
    • Airtight sealing even with contaminated surfaces
  • Reduction of packaging materials
    • Only small film overhang due to narrow seams
    • Processing of very thin films possible, both coex and mono films
    • No sealing lacquers necessary


Systeme und Lösungen zum Siegeln, Schneiden und Stanzen von unterschiedlichen Verpackungen basieren auf hoch entwickelter Ultraschall-Technologie.


Automotive & Technical Textiles

Eco-materials and new processes

Also for the processing of textiles made of synthetic fibers or plastic parts in the automotive sector, our ultrasonic technologies are completely in line with GREEN SONICS: environmentally friendly, energy-saving and applicable for various fields.

  • Development of new environmentally friendly technologies, e.g. ultrasonic washing of textiles
  • Processing of materials made from renewable raw materials possible
    • Joining of materials made of renewable raw materials with plastics by ultrasonic riveting
    • Welding of coated materials made of renewable raw materials
    • Welding or separating of most bioplastics
  • Possibility of sorted disposal, since no additives are necessary for joining
  • No contamination of the ultrasonic tools


echnologien zum Ultraschall-Schweißen, Ultraschall-Rollnahtschweißen, Ultraschall-Schneiden, Ultraschall-Stanzen und Ultraschall-Prägen textiler Materialien


Environmental: Environmental technology with ultrasonic

Systems for increasing the efficiency of biogas or wastewater treatment plants

We put GREEN SONICS into practice in environmental technology with our ultrasonic systems for improving biogas production or wastewater treatment. Here, the advantages of ultrasonic technology are not used to process plastics, but to treat and process biosolids, such as wastewater and biogas.

  • Use in sewage treatment plants
    • Reduction of the digestion time
    • Reduction of residual sludge
    • Increase of biogas production
    • Reduction of operating costs
    • Elimination of operational problems
  • Use in biogas plants
    • Increase of biogas production
    • Increase of the decomposition rate
    • Improvement of biogas quality
  • Other applications
    • Disinfection of process and waste water
    • Disinfection of drinking water

The ultrasonic systems themselves have a low energy consumption, are extremely effective and manage the disintegration of extremely resistant cellulose cells of the biomass with a low wear and tear and long durability of the systems. It is therefore an all-round environmentally friendly GREEN SONICS product.


GREEN SONICS ist die umweltfreundliche Ultraschall-Technologie von SONOTRONIC.