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CO2-neutral production of special machines

From raw material to delivery - sustainability in mechanical engineering

A major and important goal is to offer SONOTRONIC customers the opportunity to purchase machines from 100% climate-neutral production in the future. Ultrasonic is a high technology that makes it possible to replace existing conventional techniques, but also to open up completely new markets. Sustainability and Green Technology are required - ultrasonic combines this from the ground up with the GREEN SONICS brand. We develop and build state-of-the-art machines and components that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and CO₂ -reducing - today and in the future!


100% climate-neutral machine manufacturing with the machine CO2 balance calculation:

  • Special machines 
    • up to 50 pieces of sonotrodes
    • up to 100 pieces of sonotrodes
    • more than 100 pieces of sonotrodes
  • Punching machines with 
    • 4 pieces punching bow 
    • 6 pieces punching bow


We calculate the carbon footprint for your machine and offset the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions with certificates from recognized climate protection projects.

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Flexible und vollautomatisierte Serienproduktion mit Robotertechnik für die Montage und Endverarbeitung von Bauteilen wie Mittelkonsolen, Türverkleidungen und Instrumententafeln